Realtime Bidding Client

RTB Support for an Existing Ad Platform


Our client is a full-service digital agency running its own ad-serving platform to fulfill customers' text, display, and video advertisement needs. To provide its customers with a more reliable, high-quality service, our client decided to expand its publisher base by adding real-time bidding capabilities to its platform. This would allow customers to connect to major ad exchanges in the market such as Google AdX, Smaato, MoPub, and others. This is the stage in which Avantize’ Ad Tech services became crucial.


We started at the prototype stage using the open-source RTBkit framework. After getting the initial confirmation that this approach would be the best to meets the client's expectations, we developed connectors for various ad exchanges and RTB protocols, including OpenRTB 2.2-2.4 and Protobuf-based AdX. In addition, we adopted RBKit source code to support the dynamic list of ad creatives, as this was one of the most important requirements.

RTB Monitoring Dashboard


The Avantize-developed client solution has been in production and running for some time now and has brought excellent value to the client's business. The system is handling more than 5,000 bid requests per second and can easily be scaled to handle a greater volume of traffic. We continue to monitor and support the system we developed, adding unique features such as geo-fencing, precise audience targeting, real-time reporting, and anti-fraud checking. The client is extremely satisfied with the dedication and support by the Avantize team along with the increase in productivity and overall customer satisfaction.

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