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Expect awesome paths for integrating real-time bidding capabilities into your ad platform.

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Avantize is a technology R&D company focused on providing demand side platform (DSP) products and services to accommodate modern advertising needs. The Avantize team includes full-service software developers with industry knowledge and precision experience to design, build, and implement quality DSP products for media buyers in the ad tech space. Our audience includes general advertisers, agencies, ad servers, ad networks, and DSP advertisers.

An automated ad tech approach

When you bring your business to Avantize, we have the competencies to integrate automated DSP with ad exchanges using real-time bidding (RTB) protocols. As RTB becomes one of the fastest growing forms of successful advertising, more publishers and advertisers are getting on board to increase their ROI. This is where the Avantize team takes center stage. We guide clients like you to access premium inventory offered by many of the world’s largest exchanges (AppNexus, BidSwitch, Google AdX, Smaato, and more). With the use of RTB technology, we ensure client ads are served at the lowest price, at the right time, using the right mediums (mobile, video, etc.) to the preferred audiences. It’s that simple!

Expose your brand

At Avantize, we have the ad tech experience to expose brands when and where they are completely relevant. Count on Avantize to design the ad tech portfolios that won’t go unnoticed among unique crowds. Contact Avantize today, and let’s get started on the right DSP and RTB solutions for critical brand exposure and success in the right marketplace.

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